1k Site In 5 Days IMPROVED (Easiest SEO Blueprint Revamp)

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  1. Alex i want my money back i bought your course for 997 dollars and it doesnt work , I couldnt rank my website and make money from that…you guranteed 32 days money back and know you are banning me from all over the place

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  3. Hi just curious you made this site 2 years ago and its still not being rented out so obviously not really desired by rhinoplastic surgeons near plano. And you definetly havent sold this site as you said you will. If its so effective why has it just been sitting doing nothing for 2 years. Am i missing something? Regards…

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  5. my town has loads of local listings with the map pushing the natural results a long way down the page so I am unsure if this would be effective here, I am seeing this in more and more locations, do you find local results make this less effective

  6. Do you think I can use that strategy but with a main page and like 50 city or small town pages? thanks

  7. i'm ranked #1 on google for over 50 keywords in my niche! I called over 100 of business's and its SO DANM HARD to get past the 'gate keeper' (the receptionist) So the Method works, YES! But getting the clients is very hard!

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