5 Growth Hacks: Sustainable Web Marketing Tactics – Rand Fishkin

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Rand Fishkin has built Moz by helping companies get their own message out. Starting with SEO and branching out from there Rand and his team have helped hundreds of thousands market themselves and grow their own businesses. Rand will share the best 5 Inbound Marketing Strategies he has learned throughout his 10 year journey at Moz with you.


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  1. very interesting
    tell me moar
    can you give more examples?
    what should be the #1 take away from this vid?

  2. Marketing Automation App + Vaguely young bearded white dude in a flannel shirt doing a SlideShare with a local-looking bottle of beer in what appears to be a casual yet catered affair? Seems like an unlikely combination if you ask me.

  3. maybe i will get to meet you in minnesota with jim j. and dale brose, but growth hacking to me is so much more than hacking like hacking craigslist, or something that wont last a long time. It's more about doing simple things that wont piss people off really, but you get data and learn from it.  how to optimize sign up pages, squeeze pages, seo, social media, etc.  I know most people that just want to have a handful of clients and work in the business.  When you go with a plan like twitter or facebook you have to think about growth completely different.  no doubt you built your company on hard work and solid content, but if you were to start from scratch again there are always things you would do that are shortcut to the shortcut without sacrificing the user experience.  Posting on 50 facebook groups on hootsuite is kind of a hack, but facebook will block it, plus just to get the data proves that it doesn't work well, and figuring out the psychology of why it doesn't.  That 3 minute hack maybe could save months of time trying other methods.  But you fall back into the rules and boundaries of facebook which is totally fine.  We all throw a lot of split tests all the time at google just to get data to find out more about other data, and get more context.  hacker has a bad rap as a word, maybe a better word needs to be invented, but it's about hyper growth marketing.  http://www.ronorr.com

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