Advanced SEO PPC Keyword Research Techniques Part 1 with AdWords Keyword Planner

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Learn how to think about who is searching for your keywords, what they mean and best practices to organize your work in part 1. Other parts will include how to structure / map your sites pages and other tools and methods to get keyword research done, properly.

I just did this video on the fly with no planning so I may of missed a few points etc so if you need anything just ask in the comments and I will reply or even create a new video 🙂

Keyword Research Using Google Adwords Keyword Planner – Part 1

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  1. Talk less and show work more. upload advance label SEO video clip. Which will help people those who can not go for SEO training. Take care. "God Bless You".

  2. When looking at keywords like this I always like to think about the long tail of terms also. And in some cases 70 searches might be good for some businesses.

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