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Posted by We specialise in SEO. To us, that means we work closely with our clients to create and run campaigns, building organic and lasting link profiles. Beyond that, our expertise in the entire digital landscape gives us a cutting edge. We have a holistic view into how we help our clients build their brands which allows us to tie into their other advertising efforts with ease.

It’s simple – we have a proven track record, a fast and efficient service and a reliable, friendly team.
We’ve injected the Google ethos of transparent, data-intensive reporting but we go beyond this to analyse user behaviour to not only increase traffic to a website, but increase the percentage of converted visitors. Building a brand is about turning an unknown prospect into an evangelist for your company’s products and solutions. It means understanding the value of, and difference in attracting a new customer versus retention. We take pride in our ability to understand huge data sets and gain actionable insight into the behavioural characteristics of customers online.

This data-heavy approach has allowed us to grow several small companies, allowing them to compete with national brands. Our take on SEO discards convention; clients receive a digital strategist to work in close proximity to existing marketing personnel, ultimately resulting in creatively aggressive media campaigns.

We’re agile by nature. Beyond weekly reporting, we sit down with our clients quarterly to have a more thorough business review. This allows us to identify areas of improvement, potential changes, as well as future campaigns and business goals so that we can adjust the roadmap accordingly.

All of this comes under our prime philosophy of simplicity – data can be daunting, but we love what we do. We love helping our clients navigate the complexity of the digital landscape in a way that makes sense to them. By doing this, we share a common vision, and we believe this is the secret to our 100% retention rate.

With all said and done, we wouldn’t be able to retain our clients if we couldn’t demonstrate a tangible ROI. Generally speaking, each of our clients tends to have three or four main goals. Higher rankings happen organically, over time, as a result of a content strategy. We help our clients understand that higher positions are useless if they do not translate into goal completions. So we quantify ROI based on this. Whether the goal is more sales, more members, more calls, or simply more time spent on a section of the website, we apply our data-driven, performance-oriented approach to provide results that are effective. It’s as simple as that.

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