eBay SEO- How to Flood Your eBay Listings With Traffic.

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Here are 3 quick tips about eBay SEO. These eBay Traffic tips will help you flood your store with visitors who are ready to buy.

By learning eBay SEO you will be able to increase your eBay sales no matter what business model you use.

If you have any questions please ask away and ill do everything I can to help.

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  1. Few more tips. Listing Description – Your description should be as detailed as possible with the important information at the beginning. Treat the description as though it’s replacing images – that’s how detailed it should be. Once you’ve identified your keywords, try and use them as frequently as possible (just as long as it makes sense!).

    Building on what you said about keywords – you can also use use keyword planners for your keyword research if you want to ensure that you understand the search query of your potential buyers. By identifying this information you’re able to better optimise the title and body text of your eBay and Amazon listings. You can use tools like Google Adwords or Ubersuggest to help identify your keywords.

    Building relevant and strong backlinks to products listing page is an important factor to easily rank the product page on Google search. Identify relevant niche forums and blogs where you can post marketing articles and SEO content as these are valuable sources of backlinks and traffic, and your links may attract readers. Make sure your writing is good quality and try not to sound like you’re spamming as some forums and blogs might get annoyed with this.

    Writing a blog to help with this is another potentially powerful tool. Time consuming, but also can be a lot of fun!

  2. thanks for the tips and i agree with the other commentators, use the board and a tripod, write your three points and your website name

  3. Good video but need more tips.  Ebay traffic is at an all time low for small sellers right now.  Every little bit helps.  I choose my key words wisely and CAPS, bold, and underling them in the description.  Google likes this.

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