Google Local Algorithm & Updates, Penguin Status, SEO & AdWords Changes

Posted by – This week in search, we saw changes to the Google local algorithm and results. We also reported on how it doesn’t seem there was a massive Google update earlier this week. We ran a poll on Penguin, do you think it will run again? Also, Google never said it won’t run again. Google said sometimes popups can count as your primary content. Google said short articles won’t penalize your site. Google said there is no penalty for not linking externally. Google said place the disavow file on your canonical domain. Google is testing a maps feature to search local inventory. Google is testing a card carousel style for the Sitselinks. Google AdWords launched new shopping and flight search features. Google AdWords is testing percentages instead of stars in the reviews results. Google Maps brought back the “a Google user” review feature. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Local Map Results Getting More Hyperlocal? :
Google Update Signs From Trackers But The Community Is Quiet :
Do You Think Google Will Run Penguin Again? Take Our Poll. :
Q&A: Google, Will You Run Penguin Again? We Never Said We Won’t Run It Again.:
Google May Count Your Annoying Pop Up As Primary Content :
Google: Short Articles Won’t Penalize Your Site; Think About Users :
Google: There Is No Penalty For Not Linking Out Externally :
Google: Disavow Links File Needs To Be On Canonical Version For Manual Actions :
Google Maps Tests Search Store Local Inventory With Ikea :
Google Testing Card Style Sitelinks :
Google AdWords Adds Features To Shopping Ads & Hotel/Travel Search :
Google AdWords Tests Percentages Instead Of Stars For Reviews :
Google Maps Brings Back Reviews From “A Google User” :

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