Google SEO Guide: 6 tips on how to create good quality backlinks

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Google SEO Guide: 6 tips on how to create good quality backlinks – SEO Tips – call us on 703-342-6883.
6 Qualities of a good backlink.
Internet marketers cannot emphasize enough on how critical it is to create backlinks to your small business website to help improve its search engine rankings. However it is equally important to know what a good quality backlink is so that you maximize the time and energy it takes to create one.
A good backlink should have the following features:

1. It should be from a page or site with high page rank.
If you can get backlinks from a PR4 site and above, that is an excellent backlink. Page rank 2 and 3 sites are more common on the internet so a backlink from these sites is not bad either. Page rank 0 and 1 site have less value backlinks but including them in your backlink campaign is better than having no backlinks at all. Remember that a single backlink of Page rank 1 is better than two backlinks of page rank 0 o always aim for backlinks from higher page rank sites.

2. It should have the correct anchor text based on proper keyword research.
For example if you operate a golf shop in Maine, you should target the following keywords — “golf shop in Maine”, then use the keywords as the anchor text for majority of your backlinks. The anchor text is that clickable text that contains a hyper link to your URL.

3. It should be a long term stable link meaning that the chances of the backlink being deleted should be slim to none.
Try to focus on creating backlinks that will not be easily removed by blog owners/editors such as those obtained from web 2.0 sites, article directories, blog networks, guest blogging and profile links. The riskier type of backlinks such as blog commenting and signature links should be approached with more caution and tact as these are the most vulnerable.

4. A good backlink should be a contextual backlink.
This is the type of backlink that is surrounded by text content such as in the middle of an article. This type of backlink is more powerful than those that appear on the side bar or footer, so try to use back linking methods that capitalize on this.

5. A good backlink should be on an ethical website rather than a dubious one that has gambling, pornographic, illegal or spam infested sites. The search engines do pay attention to the sources of your backlinks and will either penalize or reward you depending on the quality of the source website.

6. Finally a good quality backlink should be from an actively used site that has fresh content added on a weekly basis as opposed to a dormant site. Having your backlinks on active sites means that the search engines will quickly find those backlinks because those sites regularly get crawled and indexed by the search engines.

Following these 6 Tips on How to create Good Quality Backlinks, will help your website rank on google.

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  2. Question:
    One thing I'm not clear about building Back Links is this:
    How does one go about placing a link on somebody else's website?

  3. Fantastic demonstration with awesome tips, well done, Tabitha!! Backlink is an invaluable factor in terms of well SEO reason. These tips will surely help to create more organic and quality inbound links for websites. The trend of page rank goes higher and lower depending on the Quality of source websites.

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