How can good sites that don’t know about SEO rank well?

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Google would appear to favour sites that are built by those who know all the SEO ‘best practice’ techniques (and follow your tips!). There must be many technically poor sites that actually have fantastic content – surely these shouldn’t be penalised? Tinperson, Buckinghamshire, UK

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  2. Nice, thanks for the heads up and advice. SEO can really make or break your site company depending on how poor it's done or how excellent you go abou it.

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  4. What he is saying is true in my case. I was able to build my first site using a wysiwyg editor and ended up on the first page of google after about 4 months because my content was original and I put a lot of thought into it. I did try to do things right though and had my xml sitemap done and other things like reducing 404's and broken links.

  5. Well, to think of it, Google is like any other directories, for you to appear in the right category in a directory, you need to give them right contents (which at times, these are paid listings). If you don't do anything, they would place you in the category which they think is most suitable. Same thing, if you did not organise or SEO align your site, its hard for Google to understand what keywords would you want your site to be found for.

  6. Very similar to offline, business that have more skill in marketing often have a leg up on those who don't. If someone considers the web a significant potential revenue driver it would be wise to gain some knowledge in how to make a site more visible.

  7. En un mot le contenu est ROI ! Pour améliorer votre retour sur investissement, veillez à produire un contenu de qualité pour favoriser la création de liens vers ce contenu et améliorer sa notoriété (et son positionnement).

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