How To Make Millions Online Course PT 3 : Intro To SEO

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How to make millions online

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  1. 4:20 wtf! I thought seo was welcomed by everyone even google, not frowned upon by the search engine companies. I mean there are even professions dedicated to SEO, so this doesn't make sense. So if an SEO professional does his job and the search engine company finds evidence that he applied SEO techniques on his site then his site gets penalized!? That's bullshit!

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  3. I generally listen to these videos and he started talking about the weaknesses I was like "wait really??! but then I looked at my screen and see "all major weaknesses"

  4. who else thought he siad "now im gonna give you a few million dollars" then realised he said "now im gonna give you a fe million dollar ideas"?

  5. oh well, web site making (part-2) was much informative and practical than this but gonna watch next video and up for the course 🙂 Thanx

  6. There was a point, where I thought maybe you're full of shit…but I'm now a believer. Great video!

  7. Hey Alex, I just started watchin your stuff I dig it. BUT, if all these people are doing seo and teaching itisn't the market saturated to death? How is some knucklehead like me who doesn't know jack shitgonna make any headway?

  8. There is no need to listen to him Rant for 12-15 minutes!
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  9. Type in dentist pops up Dentist dallas murder case..DONT GO TO DENTIST DALLAS..U GET MURDER…HAHAHAHAHA..YA FUCKING HILIRIOUS..U SHOULD BE A COMEDIAN. great investment

  10. Man I wish the sound was better in these videos. It actually sounds like you are in the computer

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