How To Make Money From ‘Rank and Rent’ SEO

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  1. The part I don´t get in this whole Rank N Rent thing is lets say a dentist rented the site, is he going to use the site that I have done(might be too simple to use for him) or are we going to redirect his original much beautiful page to the link ? This confuses me a lot. If anyone can clear that out I would be very happy.

  2. What do you know about the Google Home Service ads that are being tested in specific cities and in select industries right now? Do you think Google will roll this out across the board? Will we still be able to take a local home service business like a moving company for an example and generate leads for them by ranking them in Google in the 3 pack and organically and or building out a lead gen site that we control and get it ranked likewise and charge the client for the service? A lot of questions I know. Thanks for all your insight!

  3. Hey man, new fan to your channel. Great stuff! Two questions: 1) Can you please accept my invite to your FB group? Thanks! 2) For SEO ranking purposes, is it better to a) create a mega national site then break it down to city & suburb, or b) create an individual site for each city?

  4. Hi Lion whats do you think about Alex Becker's Rank & Rent using Source Flood and Source CCS with premium niches with very low search volume as he does a demo of renting local SEO for rhinoplasty etc… does it work? have you tried yourself personally?


  5. You talk very fast and you don't really enunciate all that well. Please try to speak more clearly in the future thanks.

  6. darryl question for you. i currently have a site that ranks 3rd on the first page on google. I want to first test out that there are leads calling me first before i go on and sell leads to customers. is it a smart idea to start by putting my cell phone number on the site and then gauging the traffic or leads that contact you and then begin the cold call process and begin selling after i have proof!

  7. Hi Daryl – Love your video's mate much appreciated 🙂 I have a question about your citation strategy I'm hoping you can answer… I have just inherited 40 local clients in the South of England who have been using another agency that folded, and they have been buiding 10 citations a month as part of the seo strategy. Is 10 citations a month enough? I'm reading 20 is enough, 100 is enough, even been advised 200!

    How many do you think is a good number for budgets between £250 – £500? I will be sourcing the citations lists myself for the various local areas, but really need to understand how many I should build…

    Any help is much appreciated!

    Tom (Deadpebbley)

  8. The sound on this isn't clear mostly because of the echo in the room. I wish there was a transcript.

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