How To Rank #1 In Google For ANY Keyword [OSEO-02]

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What is the most important SEO question? – “How To Rank #1 In Google”!
What’s the answer? – Check who’s ranking #1, replicate ALL his links, go a step further and get even more links!
Here’s more to it –

The simple rule is: the more quality backlinks and referring domains you have, the higher you rank in Google.

The amount of links and the amount of referring domains is still a very powerful ranking factor!

So what can you do to outrank your competitors?

1. Use Ahrefs Site Explorer ( to analyse the backlinks profiles of those who rank #1 in Google.

2. Try to get a link from every single domain they’ve earned links from.

3. Go a step further and find a dozen or two more domains to get links from, so that eventually the number of links and referring domains on your site would be a lot bigger than your competitors have.

That would definitely help you to outrank them!

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  1. Awesome video Tim, Thanks!
    Do you recommend using manual link building services from Fiverr etc. to get 50+ links at the same time, or is this bad practice?

  2. Hello Ahrefs I just entered a keyword on Google and saw that it ranked in the third spot on the first page. My biggest competitor ranks for the number 1 and 2 spots. The 1st is the exact keyword and the 2nd spot keyword is a very closely related keyword to the original keyword. Top spot has 9 backlinks and 3 referring domains, 2nd spot has 14 backlinks and 2 referring domains and my page has 29 backlinks and 18 referring domains. What gives?

  3. replicating links only works to a degree now. google will value the old links more and find it weird that all of a sudden your links are appearing with his. especially if you are logged in to chrome all with the same IP.

  4. have you done a follow up where you show the technique actually worked that you ended your video on?

  5. I think you made a great point there regarding the speed at which the links climb compared to your blog that grew, then fluctuated. I think that is a huge ranking factor as you say…… Really love ahrefs as a tool!

  6. google will pay me for my blog, article, and website are I should pay to google, when will I have to pay, and for what I do have to pay Iam new I don't know anything, please reply me.

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