How To Rank High In Google Places/Maps – SEO Factors

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Ranking in Google Maps has never been easier. If you are looking to generate an endless supply of phone calls to your local business or local SEO client then the first step you want to take is creating a Google Places or Maps Listing.

In this video training we are going to cover how to create your Google Plus Local Maps Listing and also how to optimize it to rank in the 7 pack of the search results.

We will teach you how to land quality local seo citations and back links in order to rank your listing higher in the 7 pack

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  1. Hi, first off all Congratz, good tutorial.
    I have a small local business, I offer signage products but I work in a home office and outsource all the manufacture process.
    I do all my sells by phone, e-mail…… I do not advertise my address, what approach do you suggest to rank higher in google.
    Thank you for the great video.

  2. Very informative vid. I love this stuff, since i am doing it for some of my local services to. After watching i can take it a level up higher. Thanks and have a blessed day! Question??? Is that alex becker and david sender up there….

  3. Nice video. Thanks. Do you recommend adding businesses to directories etc. even if the business is more nationwide? For example, a consultant travelling around the country vs a plumber servicing the local city. They would still be good links after all, right?

    Also, How about 0800 numbers (in the UK), i.e. non-geographical. If a client has an 0800 number on his website but it's listed on GMB with the actual geographical number, the two numbers don't match, right? Thanks.

  4. not sure i would have someone on fiverr do your citations , as there English is not so good .also i see when there doing them alot of time the info is incorrect and often you have to go behind them ( do your own citation or you might regret it ) other than that the vid is standard info … thanks for the imput

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