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How To Rank Youtube Videos Fast With Any Keyword
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Now you can rank for any keyword that you want to rank on youtube. In this video, you’ll see the tips and tricks for how to rank a video in youtube for any keyword that you want. This the basic and advanced video SEO for ranking youtube videos.

Follow these following steps
1) Select your niche nd video that you want to rank with
2)in this example I choose a comedy dancing video
3)Now go to and search for the keyword that has decent search monthly, related to your video
4)Like in this example I choose “funny dancing video.”
5)after searching for the monthly data in Google AdWord keyword planner, for the keyword “funny dancing video” you’ll see this keyword monthly searches is 1k to 10000 and have low competition.
so this is a great keyword that can rank so fast.

Note: Always search low competition keywords
6) Now go to RAW video file rename it with your keyword that is funny dancing video.
7)Now go to properties of your videos and click details tab.
8)Now put that keyword everywhere you can, in tags, subtitle, tags, comment, title. Also, you can put promotional URL in your video.
9)Now upload your video and in the mean time video is uploading write a 300 to 500 words of description in the description area of the video and remember, that keyword should come at least 5 to 6 times in the description
10) Now put some related tags for the video and that keyword and title of the video

Note: for better visibility put your youtube channel name in the tags.

11) After uploading now share as much you can because of this ping youtube a video that is getting a view and immediately youtube rank your video for that keyword your choose.

If ou has any questions, then feel free to comment your queries.

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