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How To Save Web-Optimized Images In Photoshop For Your WordPress Site | WP Learning Lab

In this tutorial you will learn how to optimize images for SEO. Optimizing images is important because a well-optimized image loads faster with sacrificing image quality. Page load speed is ranking factor in Google, so if you have large images slowing down your site speed it could be affecting your search ranking. So for the sake of WordPress SEO we’re going to optimize images.

In this video I’m using Photoshop CS6, but you can use any image editor that will “Save For Web”.

When saving for web, we have 3 levers we can pull to reduce image size:

1. Reduce the ppi to 72
2. Crop and resize the image to be the exact size we need
3. Save as JPG or PNG. Usually, a JPG is smaller in size unless the image is small and has few colors. When that’s the case a PNG is sometimes smaller.

The thing to be aware of is a picture taken with a good digital camera or your smart phone is VERY high quality (300 ppi or better) meaning it can be printed without pixelation. The higher the quality the more image information there is in the image file. All that information makes the file size quite large, at least multiple megabytes.

On the internet, 72 ppi is all most web browsers can render. That means you can upload a 300 ppi image and it will look like a 72 ppi. So, why not just save the image 72 ppi? It will greatly reduce the image size.

Also, images taken with good cameras have very large dimensions (multiple thousands of pixels wide and high). Again, this is too much for most websites. So, another strategy is the reduce the pixel wide and height of the image down to the size that you need.

Learning how to optimize images for SEO will help you with user experience and search engine optimization.

I hope this information helps you! If you have any questions leave a comment below or ping me @WPLearningLab on Twitter.


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  1. Do you still shrink down to 400 for Hero areas or other areas in a blog that can take a 900+p wide image.

  2. Hi,
    i have one question.
    how i can retain the Document Size (width and Height)?
    when i change the Resolution and Pixel Dimension, the Document size was change 🙁
    hope you can help thanks

  3. Can u make a tutorial on serving scaled images? I am unable to understand this particular topic after doing extensive research on the topic 🙂

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