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In my 20 years of cutting lawns and
5 years in my very own landscaping business.

I never knew how to make good money,
Up until the last 3 years.

It wasn’t until my friend William taught me how to trim trees, where I actually started making 0-0 in cash before lunchtime.

I was amazed when I finally learned,
that aside from only cutting lawns.

You can make high profits from trimming large shrubs, ornamental trees, spreading mulch and maintaining garden beds.


If you’ve ever thought about getting this access to my landscaping video training course online.
Now might be the time.

It’s a 7 course that I usually sell for only

The information and advice inside has helped tons of people transform their businesses.

Inside the Course

1.)Property Walks with Pricing

2.)How to trim small trees and maintain garden beds.

3.)My audiobook and ebook,
“normally each”
with a whole chapter on how to do your own SEO for free.

4.) Mp3 downloads that you can listen to while you work.

4.)How much to charge for trimming shrubs, trees, mulch, garden beds, lawns.

5.) Interviews with successful entrepreneurs

6.) How to overcome fears and get the ball rolling including registering your business.

Plus more training being added to the course each month.

You can literally take the information inside and make an extra 0 cash tomorrow.

Here’s the No-brainer part.

You can get it all right now
for only a month

And…  You can cancel at anytime.
And you wont be charged
another penny.

You can have access to all this information for only
a month.

I’ve added bonuses for you.

Limited time
Bonus #1:

For the next 7 days only.

“This bonus will absolutely
go away in 7 days, and will never be offered here again.”

Ill be adding an in depth private interview I did with entrepreneur Eric Reno
(in his new showroom) who went from flat broke in small apartment to .8MM in his business this last year.

He teaches the exact steps and fears he had to overcome in order to expand his small business and start taking on the huge jobs
“transformed his families personal and financial life”
and do what we refer to as

“hunting buffalo vs chasing field-mice”.

Bonus #2:
Every month I’m going to add more even training
to the course.

1.) White board strategic training.
How to market your business online.

2.) How to collect your customers emails and send them monthly newsletters
so they keep coming back.
“Including what email services to use.”

3.) How to get your business in search directories people in your city can find it easily and call for a quote with the click of a button.

4.) In depth Property walks and pricing videos.

5.) My sales script and PDF download on exactly what to say on the phone to new customers.

There you have it!

If you know you want to do this
and you know its right for you.

The click the link below.
Create your acccount,

And have access to it all
right now.


Keith Kalfas
The Landscaping Employee Trap.

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  1. 😉 grasscuttingcomrie, grasscuttingcrieff – thats the nearby town, and grasscuttingperthshire – thats the county. but I get humped by people like YELL, findatrade and ratedpeople who seem to have every trade in every town fairly well sown up as first few listings on google. I thought it was a great idea too but hasn't really worked that well for me. Yet.

  2. Hi from Uk, you have an advantage, the good weather. It's raining back here, but we hope it will be dry then i can cut my grass.

  3. Hey, are you directing customers to the domain, or they would find it through google? Trying to figure it out because google wouldn't actually rank the domain if your forwarding. Or are you just using the domain on any direct marketing in those areas i.e leaflets or your doorhangers.! Sorry if thise makes no sense at all!!! Lol I'm trying to figure all this seo stuff out with my new site atm!Cheers, Michael

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