How to SEO Your WordPress Website (Part 1) – The Basics of SEO

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In this, the first of a new 3 part crash course in SEO series, I’ll show you the secrets to SEO for your WordPress websites so you can learn how to rank in Google and other Search Engines. The first stage is an overview and getting a ‘baseline’ as to the current status of your WordPress website (or website in general).

Using freely available online software you can get a checklist of items to attend to to ensure the performance of your site is 100% – that is step one. In the subsequent videos I delve further into WordPress and cover how to actually optimize content and which software to use to optimize your website for superior visibility and rankings in search engines.

*PART 2 Now Available at
*PART 3 Now Available at

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  1. This is such a great course, you've created. Thanks for sharing it. It was so helpful for me!!!

  2. Hi Patrick great insights and delivery. The tips in and content of the video are tremendous. Looking forward to Parts 2 and 3. Well done!

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