How to use LinkCollider to improve SEO for free

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A new way to make your site discover is to use LinkCollider. A free SEO tool which uses social media to get better SEO and improve website traffic. This is a new technique which enables site owners to get more sales and be popular in most social media.

To make it work, you must simply submit your website, Facebook page, Twitter page, or even YouTube page to LinkCollider’s submit page then collect some tokens by doing activities such as liking and following other member sites.

You can find our link below:

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  1. Thanks Mike, I just deactivated All-In-One SEO" and installed and activated the Yoast plugin. I just left all the default settings in Yoast. No need to change them, right?

  2. Link Collider is really a good thing for our daily life. Here any one easily learn about SEO for free using link collider tools.

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