Increase Your Traffic (SEO) by Changing Your Code

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How changing your site’s code could get you more traffic through SEO (search engine optimization.) The traffic to one of my sites doubled since I made this change. See my blog post on this topic. Disclaimer: I am an affiliate for both Thesis and Site Build It!.

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  4. I never knew about this. I did not know that changing one's code can help you increase your website traffic. Amazing. This is absolutely an informative video. However, I think you can make this video better if you speak a little more loud than you do. Just suggesting though!

  5. You can put the order of your HTML any way you want. With CSS, you can make the HTML appear in the order or position you want. Fortunately, you don't necessarily need to float everything to the left and use negative margins to do this. Putting content before menus might help robots, but for people with CSS turned off, or using phones, etc., menus might be better before content. Since google likes to change their algorithm, do you still find that putting content first helps today?

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