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If you are looking to start a lawn service business, particularly in a global recession you may be in for quite the ordeal, an already established business; such as finding a landscaping business for sale in your area may be a better idea than starting from scratch. Looking to start a lawn service is a good idea because apart from small overhead; such as fuel, all of the money generated from lawn mowing business is from your labor and your labor only. This means that you do not have to spend money to make money as you do in other industries. If you were to set up a retail establishment or a bar, you would need to fill the venue with stock and pay a hefty fee for the privilege of renting the property. A lawn care business does not require a premises or the building up of stock, all it requires is the tools, software and ability to use them. Lawn care is particularly simple to do effectively, meaning that even those who are unskilled can make the yard business successful. When looking for a lawn care business for sale you should concentrate on finding a business with an already established client base. When beginning a gardening business the hardest thing to contend with initially is the waiting period between setting up the business and actually getting clients. It can take some time for clients to find you and many people give up the business as a failure during this time. Other than tools, this is the one advantage of buying an already established business. If the business you are buying does not have a built up and fully booked list of clients, then you would be far better to set up the marketing yourself. It’s important when you are making offers on the business to get as much information as possible from the current owner. The will have nothing to gain by deceiving you and telling your falsehoods and they will likely want to pass on as much information as they can to make sure you do not run their former business into the ground. You should get advice on techniques in maintaining a lawn and general gardening tips, as well as picking their brains on how they manage their customer relations and marketing. They will have made many rookie mistakes during the course of operating the business, so getting as much information as you can will help prevent you from repeating their mistakes. You should also take into account when looking to start a lawn service, how old the equipment is that comes with the landscaping business, is any of the equipment nearing the end of its service life? Before you buy any landscape business, do not take the word of the owner as gospel concerning how much money the business makes. Make sure you look over the accounts, ask to see tax contributions by looking at official documents. Are all of the clients still there? It could be the case that the business has lost some major clients and is no longer profitable, so make sure everything is as it should be. Another benefit you get from buying an already established landscaping business is some amount of brand recognition. You may want to rename the business or redesign the logo; this is generally a bad idea. People are far more willing to accept a change of management of a business they use far more readily than they would accept a totally different company. The existing business has built up the good will of the clients over many years. Make sure you take advantage of that and do not try to be too innovative in the way you market the business. By all means you could try exploiting avenues that the last owner didn’t; such as printing buck slips and depositing them in mail boxes, or trying a good search engine optimization firm to improve your internet presence but try not to change things around too much. Changing things too much is certain to alienate loyal customers and have a detrimental impact on the landscape contracting business. If the business that you are buying has employees and the business is still profitable, then do all you can to keep these employees on the side. Some may be resentful of an outsider. In which case you will have to quickly remind them in a fair and firm way that it is you that will be paying their wages. Try not to turn them against you, there’s no need to bribe them as money cannot buy respect. It’s far better for you to work hard and gain their respect by showing them you are a hard worker and a fair boss. People generally respect others who show they can work hard and have their best interests at heart. Management skills require you to walk a fine line of being fair without being a push over.

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