Link Score – SEO Link Analysis Tool – Checks Pageranks, Domains and Number of Class-C IPs

Posted by is the first of its kind Links Quality Assessment tool. It performs a number of automated checks on any link report that you upload. With one click of a button it will check the following:

– The Number of active links
– The Number of deleted links that were supposed to be alive
– The Number of Class-C IPs across which your links are hosted
– The Number of Unique Domain names that host your links
– The Indexed Rate of your Links In Google – both in absolute value and in a “%” rate
– The List With Non-indexed links
– What is the Pagerank of the domain on which your post/link is hosted
– What is the actual Pagerank of the page on which your link is now? Also what it will be after 6 months
– Keep track of all of your link building campaigns in one place and filter the better ones so you can know where you should spend your money
– What is the actual value of the links which you have paid for and how good exactly are they (own risk assesment formula)
– Detailed information on each of the above mentioned elements with an option to do a .csv export
– Organize different Link Samples into projects and compare the results between them.
– 48 Hours Free Trial and a low monthly fee for this mindblowing technology

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