Off Page SEO & Link Building – SEO 2017 Complete Guide (Part 4)

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Welcome back to the complete guide to SEO in 2017. Today we’re going to be covering the off page SEO tactics I use to achieve high quality contextual links. Most of the outreach I do is automated but you can use these techniques similar to ones I show you and implement them without automation as well.

Here are the previous videos:





Pitchbox outreach template:

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I thought you mind find this useful {{ if CNT_FIRST_NAME }} {{CNT_FIRST_NAME}} {{ else }}{{ /if }}

Body text:

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Hey there,
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My name is Chase Reiner and I run a SEO channel on Youtube that has a ton of high ranking SEO videos.

I know you’re incredibly busy, so I’ll be quick. I am currently publishing a HUGE multiple video tutorial called, “The Complete Guide to SEO in 2017.”

Let me know if you’re interested.

One way or another, thanks for your time, and keep up the awesome work on {{ if MRG_BLOG_NAME }}{{MRG_BLOG_NAME}}{{ else }}your site{{ /if }} 🙂

Take care,

Chase Reiner
SEO Growth Hacker at
(805) 453-3586

Here are the tools mentioned:

Email hunter:



Facebook Toolkit:

Ninja Pinner:

Please watch: “How To Dominate Local SEO (Live Walk Through Tutorial)”


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  1. If you are learning SEO what would you suggest is best to do, if you dont have a niche/website in mind? I was thinking of creating a fake local business and try and rank that? not sure if thats allowed or something.. cheers for suggestions!

  2. but sir i want to know how to do successful Off page activity. for my page.. I already done some bookmarking , but in the webmaster those links are not showing.. what to do.?

  3. Joomla, also has good SEO plug-ins and modules; where the directory structure of the website (the breadcrumb) gets rewritten on the fly when the page is generated. This video is a good demonstration of using WordPress to build a page from the Admin backend; and adding all the meta design information to get one's site listed; it's for sure applicable to other CMS's. I agree; its so important to tweak the articles after they are posted. Good tutorial.

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