Profitable Site With No Links, No Content, No Hard On Page SEO?

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  1. Why would I buy anything from you ever again, when I never received the bonuses you promised on the last 2 purchases? You're so full of shit, and you don't know what it means to be A MAN AND KEEP YOUR WORD! ALEX BECKER IS A SCAM!!!

  2. looking to give this a try. however, do you need to set up a pay pal? is this considered a business as far as the IRS is concerned?

  3. Using content copied from another website. Are there not two issues with doing this. 1. A Google duplicated content penalty. 2. The content that was copied, belongs to another website and author, so they have copyright.

    How are these issues addressed?

  4. Hey alex quick question: the mypeeksoo website domain did it already have spefically texas rhinoplasty links being sent to it , or was it simply health related domain that you bought?? Thanks

  5. I would appreciate any help on this topic: Do I need a business license and form a sole proprietorship or an entity, to start ranking and renting or selling leads? I have 2 websites ranking and just need to know some basic legal info on whether I need to become an entity or if any license is needed for basic pay per lead(phone calls). Thanks in advance

  6. how the hell do you guys keep track of all of your websites and account logins? surely it is bad to use the same email, account name, login details per site you buy and host. (Pure beginner to this stuff by the way) just wondering as I am losing my mind keeping track of only three sites

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