Reddit Marketing 101: How To Drive INSANE Traffic With Reddit!

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A while back I did a blog post about how I was using reddit to drive thousands of free visitors to my websites but today I thought I would take it a step further.

So in this video I’m going to show you a real life case study that demonstrates just how easy it is to drive a tonne of traffic to your websites through reddit marketing. I set up a website just for the purpose of this video and then simply found a viral niche related article which I then re-packed and posted to my blog and then I proceeded to post it out to reddit and… voila I got over a thousand visitors from that one submission.

Reddit is absolutely huge and it attracts a huge amount of visitors and what’s more is because is it’s broken up into thousands of ultra targeted niche related sections called ‘sub-reddits’ and it’s almost certain that there’s a sub-reddit that’s related to your sites niche where you can submit your content.

Furthermore reddit is awesome for SEO because it allows you to not only score a tonne of high quality links from this seriously established site but it gives your content so much exposure that you’ll often find that your links get posted to places all over the web including on forums, social bookmarking sites, social networking sites and more.

So watch the video and you’ll see just how easy reddit marketing is!

And if you want to learn how you can build simple but extremely profitable niche sites that you can then submit to reddit then you can get your hands on my totally free crash course where I’ll show you exactly how to do it right here:

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  1. Only thing about reddit you don't know why they kick your stuff out hard to find anywhere to post anything. Every time I post it gets kicked out. I was in this one sub reddit for Deals I see other people posting products. I post my product and get kicked out. Then the rules too many don't want you to promote your own product so what is the point. That is why we there to make money lol

  2. Wow great content here. Is this still relevant today 2017 I feel like this stuff changes over nigh now lol???

  3. You sure are helpful + knowledgeable brother, and that's why you're successful. Thanks for everything and much blessings on your continued growth

  4. At first I was very sceptical because of the channel name and the amount cannabis related stuff that was discussed, but overall it shows that this technique can be used for any subject. I have been trying to use Reddit for about a week now and it's very hot and miss for me.

    Trying to promote my YouTube channel in the subreddits I find sometimes gets me nowhere, but then all of a sudden someone comes though and leaves a positive comment in your channel, so it's worth doing. Thanks for this man I've subbed and hit that bell notification!

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