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Schema Markup and Google Map Embeds Tutorial

I want to discuss what structured data does and why it is important when optimizing our sites for search. I also see a ton of people having issues when building schema and/or adding the code to their sites, thus I am going to go over a few “easy” ways to accomplish both goals.

There are a lot of misconceptions when dealing with schema and its purpose. Basically, schema highlights your data for search engines, or any platform using this encoded data to boost their users search experience, by utilizing items on your website that web masters “mark-up”. One of the most rewarding uses for this concept, from a platforms perspective, is it allows bots to easily read, group, filter, etc. content from a site. They also “understand” the context in which this content is used because of the specificity of the “mark-up”. We can tell search engines EXACTLY what a page, product, event, etc. is about and many of the intricate details about these aforementioned examples.

The second great use for schema, and somewhat of a byproduct from our previous thought, is that bots can take this specific information that was easy for them to obtain and understand and apply them to different experiences to benefit the user. Think knowledge graphs and review stars in the serps. These type of experiences and the ability to quickly find and serve relevant pieces of micro data are the future of search, and the largest online platforms know this.

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  1. Left out so much info in the beginning of this video it's a waste of time. To bad it could of had use if this dude woulda slowed down in the beginning. It's like he started 5 minutes into a video

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