Guide – What Does It Mean for SEO?

Posted by – The Koozai team answer a question from Richard Shove (OMD UK) on and provide an overview of the new tagging method. Learn about the origins of, how it connects to Google, Yahoo and Bing and some issues to be aware of when using the new coding method. Find out how Koozai can help your SEO needs

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  1. got the markup for one of my yt videos …posted it on my blogger blog and there is no thumbnail or video displaying on my post ??  where do we put the code so the video works ? 

  2. Useful information about schema. WordPress plugin is awesome, many bloggers in need of such kind of SEO tools. Thanks for the explanation and video

  3. Thanks a lot. Thanks God there' s a bunch of plugins for WordPress users. I was afraid that I'll have to do that in code 🙂

  4. Thanks for the nice feedback. So long as you have the Schema tags in each of the three categories it would not be necessary on the Homepage. Instead add one tag to explain succinctly the purpose of the entire site in one go.

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