SEM RUSH Tutorial: SEO Keyword Research, Link Opportunities for Beginner SEOS

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SEM Rush tutorial – Best Keyword Research Tool – Easy SEO Link Building – SEM Rush Demo – Safe Guarding Rankings Tip – Start an SEO Consulting Business.

PBN Vendors, How to Scale a Private Blog Network Easily –

Leave that day job already & start an SEO consulting business – At Dynamik 365 we’re here to guide you each step of the way.

In this video Dino Gomez takes you out to Mexico on an inflatable raft because he’s crazy. And then he introduces you to SEMRUSH & demonstrates how to uncover great keywords, find link building opportunities, tips you off on how to safe guard rankings, & more.

This video is for beginner SEO Consultants who want to learn an easy and effective way to do keyword research.

Particularly one of my favorite tools to use is SEM Rush. A lot of SEOs don’t really know the power of SEM Rush so in this video I show you a few ways to use this powerful software.

PBN Scaling Tips – Easy MGT –

This is not something you’ll see Alex Becker show you at Source Wave or that anyone has covered in super depth outside of the legend himself, Ryan Stewart.

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  1. Hey Dynamik! Thanks for the video. Quick question … is there a way to figure out how many people are searching a particular keyword on directories like yelp, or kijij? Kinda like an SEMrush but for search results within a particular website?

  2. Hey Dino, i found you through the LionZeal interview. Great value as always! 🙂

    Just a question: how would i know if people/competitors are hiding their back-links or not (using spyder spanker, etc.)? I'm asking because i'm afraid to get into a niche where there "seems" to be no competition, even though the niche can easily yield 1k/month using R&R model.
    IF there is no way to find this, how'd you approach such a scenario.


  3. Hey Dynamik, thank you for the video. A friend just introduced me to you so I'm going through all your videos now. Question for you, your expertise advice would be greatly appreciated. What do you recommend for keyword research now that google keyword planner doesn't show exact number of searches?

  4. Hi I found your tutorialvery very interesting and welldone. I am a bit confused when you mention something like PBM or PBMs (?) sites during the backlink research. Can you please explain what are these?

  5. There used to be a chart on the mobile page that talked about "Mobile Friendliness". Any advice on how to find that information.

  6. Can you explain more about getting backlinks from what your competitors have? I would imagine that you would maybe get 1 response out of 20 email requests for a backlink, or maybe 1 out of 20 blogs are available for posts. How does that typically pan out?

    And how and why do you have a mannequins head???

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