SEO TIP: On-Page Optimization With Yoast SEO Plugin

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SEO TIP: There are lots of different WordPress Plugins to helped with on-page optimization ranging in price for to like EasyWPSeo and SEOPressor but the good news is you can almost all of the same functionality for free using the Yoast SEO Plugin for WordPress. In this video I will give you a quick tour of this powerful free tool and for the complete less plus more info go to

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  1. Hi! Can focus keyword be of more than 1 word? I have always been thinking that we are supposed to write 1 word in it.

  2. I'm on a learn proces.
    End learning a small skille''s in more time's.
    So misssing skille''s fore a letter tape H.1 H2 H3
    Fore my webblog reviews!
    Who people can my learn that fasther of this skille''s?
    End like's to help me?!

  3. Thank you so much. I've watched a couple of 1-hour long vids that bored the shit out of me. They were helpful, but it took the fun and interest that I originally came in with wanting to learn SEO with WordPress, so thank you for putting the interest and fun back for me. Good stuff. 11ish minutes– perfect.

  4. Having a bit of trouble with Yoast SEO.  I've done my best to hit everything that Yoast wants me to but it still shows red for almost everything that I know I've hit.  I don't know if it's something in my settings or what but it's getting annoying.  Any advise on what I might be missing or what options are turned off by default that should be turned on?

  5. Thanks for sharing this concise lesson about this plugin Mr. Gehl!
    You have my thumbs up for it 🙂

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