SEO TIPS: Setting Up Yoast SEO Plugin To Avoid Duplicate Content

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SEO TIPS: In this lesson I will give you a crash course in configuring the Yoast SEO Plugin so that duplicate content will never be an issue. To see this entire free lesson visit

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  1. Hey, thanks for the info… But would if I don't have any post or blogs, we have static pages. I can never anyone just explaining pages, mostly pages and/or blogs? And what are tag, where would those go? Can you help, are the settings your describing irrelevant today, 2014? Thank you for the video though, Max.

  2. Good video. Yoast SEO Plugin is very helpful in checking duplicate content. Thus, you could make sure your blog got the best fresh and unique content. Thanks for this tutorial Derek!

  3. I have been looking for something like this thank you. I have a question though, at around 4:25 under special pages i don't have anything in those boxes. Should i insert what you have or leave them blank? I didn't know if this was something they changed. 

  4. What if I need to post the full post in the excerpt because each of my full posts is only 50 words and I want to make it convenient for readers who are on the category page? Can I just click noindex, follow for "Categories" and problem solved? If not, what do I do? Thanks.

  5. Thanks for sharing your very well informative video and ideas, you really did a great job of the walk-through and how we can use this one.

  6. Great video, helped me a lot fighting duplicate content!
    1 question… Please tell me why in the category archives there must be post excepts and not full length posts??

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