SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2017 – What is Search Engine Optimization

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Today we cover what SEO is and how to rank your site on Google.
First off, you’re probably wondering, what are the most important things I can do?

Keyword Research (long tail in the beginning)
Try Google Keyword Planner
and Mozbar

High Quality Content (Perferably in depth articles) with relvant title tags, heading tags, alt tags, and meta tags.


Incoming links, internal links, external linking.

Here’s how I do link building:

Mobile Friendly

Site Speed


Search Console

Less Important Yet Still Important


Content Structure

Regular Updates

Social Signals


Heat map tracking and content analytics ( I use Sumome:

Schema Markup

What You Want To Avoid

Duplicate Content

Keyword Stuffing

Hidden Content

High Bounce Rates

Low Click Through Rates

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