The Basics Of On-Page SEO [OSEO-12]

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On-page SEO optimization is not a rocket science, actually. You have to remember three things: 1) put your keyword into the title of your page, 2) put your keyword into the H1 tag, 3) don’t forget to put your keyword a few times into the content of your page. Sounds simple, right? There is actually a bit more to it. Let’s take a look at the example! –

So, what are the on-page SEO basics?

If you want to optimize your page for a certain keyword you have to put it to four different places:

– URL of the page (or maybe even your domain name);
– Title of the page;
– Heading (H1 tag);
– Content.

What can you do with this knowledge? Open Ahrefs Site Explorer tool (, put your domain name there, go to the ‘Top Pages’ report and then to the ‘Backlinks’ tab.

You’ll get a list of the top pages of your site in terms of the backlinks they have.

Open those pages one by one to see if each of them is perfectly optimized for a certain keyword you wish to rank for.

Once you do that to at least 20-30 top pages of your site, you will surely see the increase of the traffic that you get from Google.

This is how you can easily optimize the pages on your site and enjoy the increase in traffic!


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  1. Why too much contradiction between your are teaching and what google has shown on the first page !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Either you are wrong or not updated or google is much more smart than people think … especially who are teaching SEO on YouTube

  2. Hey Tim,

    You mentioned the top 4 places for your keywords as:
    Headline H1

    Where does Site Description come into this list? I would have thought its importance would be up there in the important things to check? Or is this something of the past?

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