The Importance of Free to SEO, AdWords & Social Media Marketing

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There’s nothing better than free, is there? This is very true for SEO, AdWords, and SMM. (Materials at Many marketing experts use this concept of the sales funnel. I hate that concept! It implies that people are basically stupid and passive, like marbles falling down a chute.I recommend, instead, that you think of a sales ladder. People are pro-actively searching for products and services just like yours (or hearing about them), and then they are pro-actively moving from attention to interest, interest to desire, and desire to action (using the AIDA model of classical marketing). Among the most important things you can create is something free. Let’s investigate!

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  1. thank you so much for all these cool information about marketing, you are great! i downloaded your manual/book!
    free stuff, thanks for making it available for others to use it… i provide mentoring for small business owners and all these materials can be used for their success in marketing their services/products!

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