Tracking seo keywords

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Follow the tracks Tracking seo keywords SEO Provides The Traffic,
~ It need to convert
~ It Needs To Attract the right people
~ It needs to make money
What is your ideal prospect what do they want

Targeted Keyword List
Create a targeted keyword list based
~ What you know about your market
~ Your Experiences as someone on that market
~ Conversations in that market
~ Social media feeds & comments
Create Content for each of those keywords
EX. Written, Video, Audio, Images

Content for seo & readers
Creating optimized content for seo (Gets Traffic)
Creating written content for your readers (conversation)

Content being created for both seo & readers!

Content keyword 3rd Low tier, 2nd Medium tier , 1st High tier

1st High Tier Keywords
~ Keywords with higher traffic
~ Requires excellent written content

2nd & 3rd Tier keywords
~ Keywords with lower traffic
~ Easier to rank without being as well written

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