Why Webmaster Tools Average Position is NOT The Same As Rankings.

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I see questions like this a lot: http://moz.com/community/q/webmaster-tools-vs-google-trends-data-doesn-t-add-up – people are wondering if Webmaster Tools Average Position Data is wrong or accurate. The issue is, you can not look at it the same way as rankings. In this video I explain the differences between webmaster tools average position and rankings. There’s some actionable tips for how to use each metric.

Things mentioned;

Great post by Jason Acidre

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Google Webmaster Tools

The Ultimate List Of Rank Trackers

The Ultimate List Of Rank Trackers & My Top Pick (2017 Update)

Moz Ranker Tracker

Authority Labs

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And also, Google’s Documentation on The Search Queries Report;

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  1. Great explanation you have on this video. Now I can understand clearly on how to compliment my existing SEO tactics with the help of my lexorsoft service provider.

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