Wow! Groundhog Update, SEO Audit, and FREE SEO Leaks from Josh Bachynski – John Mueler leaks

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Josh does a FREE live SEO site clinic and talks about how to do SEO and diagnose SEO problems –

here is the link from the show for outbound link tracking

google api explorer to check your entity

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  1. My somewhat smaller … data set confirms Your theory Josh : Links and Quality Google Updates for Jan 31st 2017 on Google.

  2. Do tag clouds (that don't have duplicate content) throw off the keyword density? I assume a tag cloud on each page would have a minimal effect and not fall into the thin content category.

  3. Would love to see a video all about how AdWords can impact your organic seo. You touch on Facebook ads and google which was helpful.

  4. Have to admit you are growing on me. You seem genuinely interested in helping people out. Thanks a lot for your time and great content.

  5. Hi Josh – when you make the alterations in keyword density how long does it actually take for Google to update the serp results?

  6. I just checkout of serworx, holy shhhh why the hell do i need to pay for anything else, this thing gives all the data for a decent price. Good tip!

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