Youtube SEO – Uncovering Ranking Secrets With The Youtube SEO Tool

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Youtube SEO Tool:

In this vid I present the YouTube SEO Tool, a new feature on the site which exposes 90% of the metrics YouTube use to rank videos.

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  1. Double Whoa-O-Whoa!!! This video is from 2K11? And I'm just now seeing this? )> Mind Blown <( And I thought I've seen everything.

  2. WOW-O-WOW !!! I love coming here to learn how to be Compelling for TV! This video right here just took it up a notch! It's an honor to be an early apprentice! Thanks Sensai (^_^)b You really are my favorite reliable resource on how to get legitimate viewers on YouTube and the world wide web.

  3. @xvbkurz My account is going mental with $1300 to $2400 per day. If you find a niche thats eager to buy your bank account will go mental. Check out this course before he goes private ->

  4. @andikavideo1 YouTube state on their blog they measure "engagement" as a factor for rankings, and I think that comments in any quantity; good or bad, signals that the video is engaging viewers.

  5. @GilbertBigelow Hi Gilbert, great points!

    I don't believe youtube "penalise" tech/education stuff – it's simply far harder to make it entertaining as opposed to pure entertainment/amusing stuff – and that's certainly reinforced by the amount of "wannabes" who are publishing their music/creations in the hope of getting found.

    I think that us in the education space, while unlikely to "go viral" (not a goal I aspire to) have a much easier time in terms of aligning our content with search intent.

  6. I was reaching the same conclusions about what ranks a video in youTube by long study of each video and pulling the content out such as keywords used in description and tags applied. The title is the number one factor in attracting traffic. It has to be of interest and of interest to a large number of people. Amusement and entertainment are number one,always.Tech and manual stuff is near the bottom of searches.This video shows this,but;has more interest because everyone wants to rank in youTube.

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